The best San Jose video marketing is to get your video listed on page one of Google.

Having the best San Jose video marketing is a goal well worth the effort for local businesses. We read in a recent study that video has higher conversions than any other form of digital content, with 71% of those surveyed saying that video performs better than text and images. Getting your business a #1 position on Google will not only yield outstanding visibility, but a very nice bump in traffic too. According to a recent article on Search Engine Watch, the first page of search result listings in Google’s organic results gets over 90 percent of the clicks from viewers. Less than 10% of those searching even get to page 2 or beyond.

Why is video marketing so huge today?

If you run a business in the San Jose area (or anywhere in the country), heed these quick tips to aid you in getting the best San Jose video marketing:

  • Copy companies with huge marketing staffs: more than one third of large brands produced more than 100 content marketing videos annually
  • About 71% of those surveyed confirm that video converts better than any other digital content.
  • Brands are very satisfied with the ROI they get from their YouTube Channels.
  • 86% of study participants wisely measure their video marketing effectiveness. As we have written before, you should measure the effectiveness of your videos.

YouTube visibility brings a positive ROI.

Many companies and brands use YouTube exposure as it can bring in revenue far in excess of what it costs them to create. However, to get on the front page of Google to appeal to that 90+% of traffic, you need to be an expert in getting onto page one.

It does not matter if you make a stunning business video and no one sees it.

As the best San Jose Video marketing experts, we know what potential customers want to learn when they see a business video:

  • What the Product or Service Can Do – its Features
  • How the Product or Service Can Help Them – the Benefits
  • How They Can do it for Themselves

Learn From the YouTube Experts

When it comes to marketing your video, there is no magic bullet. We at Penrose Productions pride ourselves on being the best San Jose video marketing company, and we have the skills and experience to get your videos on page one of the search engine results. We optimize the videos, optimize the titles, add descriptions and tags, create a custom thumbnail, and then add appropriate annotations to make videos friendly to the search engines.

Here’s how we did it for ourselves. This video is ranked on page 1 of Google for the keyword phrase “best San Jose YouTube marketing expert” and more terms as well.

In fact, we ranked 3 videos in the top 5 organic search results for that term. Those thumbnails really draw the eye and gets them clicked:

best san jose youtube marketing expert


In addition, the video also ranked at the top of page 1 for “best San Jose video marketing expert.”

We occupy spots #1 and #3, as well as a text listing to our website in the 6th position:

 best san jose video marketing expertThe YouTube thumbnail is the key to “clickability.”

Getting on page one of Google for your desired keyword phrase is obviously important. Although most searches on Google will not show more than one video on the first page, you see from the examples above that it can be done. And when there are just one or two videos there, they catch the viewer’s eye. And you’re not stuck with the thumbnail that YouTube defaults to. We can even customize that thumbnail to highlight a sale or special offer. This can lure the searcher to click on it. Don’t let your video be relegated to pages past #1. There’s a 90+% chance it will never be seen.

For the best San Jose video marketing, give us a call. As the video marketing experts, we at Penrose Productions can help your business seize a slice of that 90% of organic traffic that comes to those on page one.

You need to get found to get clicked and get business. Don’t let your business be hide from potential customers.


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