Today, creating business videos is critical to your marketing efforts.

Business marketing needs so much more than blog posts and ads in traditional media. The internet is still growing at an astounding rate, with over one billion websites currently active. As the internet continues its growth, interaction between businesses and and customers can happen in a wide variety of ways. One of the best is through business videos.

So what exactly qualifies as a business video and why should a company create one? Business videos are those programs made specifically to show a product, brand or service that a firm wants to share with potential users or customers. Business videos can be used to help a customer see the features and benefits involved and they are very efficient because lots of information can be compressed into a short video clip. This short clip can reach far and wide. It can be posted on a variety of web channels. Business videos draw in the audience due to the large preference for videos by today’s consumers.

In fact online business videos can be used in what might traditionally be considered offline methods, such as press release videos.

All of these business video methods can contribute to your sales funnel.

business videos in a sales funnelSo what is sales funnel and why is one important?  A good sales funnel has three levels:

  1. The top level should contain general ideas and content designed to create potential leads.
  2. The secondary level is directed to those leads and should be more in-depth, allowing you qualify those original leads.
  3. The bottom level contains content to help you close the sale with these qualified buyers.

A great sales funnel can turn more a high percentage of leads into customers and then keep them.

Informative business videos can help reach a broad range of leads and help covert them into clients. But before producing business videos one should consider several things:

  1. Always keep in mind that revenue actually comes from the bottom level of the funnel, and business videos are particularly effective at targeting that area.
  2. When targeting the upper levels, try to keep business videos brief. You want your potential client wanting to learn more and descend through the funnel.
  3. Develop a thoughtful strategy for using those videos in your funnel before you beginning any production.

Business videos are a very engaging way to showcase your product, brand or service with your intended audience. And if your video goes viral, it can provide terrific social proof of the quality of your offering. To do this, we strongly suggest that you have a professional video company create your videos. It’s too important to trust to amateurs. As we suggest at Penrose Productioins, do not try this at home!

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