Nowadays people are addicted to watching video advertising that is on-line.

You undoubtedly know that video marketing is a strong instrument which will be able to assist you to boost sales.

Now, it is time to identify who you’re up against in relation to local opposition so you can direct your video advertising.

Video advertising means marketing your services and products using video — of course. Video advertising as a method of promotion has recently gained extreme popularity because of its simplicity and effectiveness. In most cases these days, people would rather watch an advertising video than read. For this reason, bright business owners have turned to video advertising to attract customers.

The entire goal of identifying your adversaries who are using video is to analyze what they’re doing as well as gauge its effectiveness.

video advertising

Predicated on this particular advice, you will be better equipped to create and market on-line advertising videos that’ll crush your competition.

First, check your competitors’ sites to see if they’ve videos posted on the web. Most businesses who create videos that are on-line post them on their sites along with video sharing websites such as YouTube. All these are the competitors you should see when preparing and creating videos, in case you find videos on their website. After all you don’t need to have the best video ever created, but you do want one that is better than your competition.

Next, simply go to YouTube and type a local key word term associated with your industry in the search box. Some of your competitors are properly optimized, and if they have videos on YouTube, they should come up when you serch. Also pay close attention to them as you could get some insight about how their videos are created, what message they are trying to express, and what they did to get high search result positions. Next, assess your opponents’ social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to see if they have posted videos – or links to videos – there. If so, keep these competitors in your radar too.

If you’re having trouble with these steps and wish to have help in evaluating your competitor’s videos, give us a call at Penrose Productions. That’s what we do!

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