A San Jose Video Production client from years past comes back and hires our video crew to produce for her new employer.

As the top video production company in San Jose and Silicon Valley we pride ourselves on not disappointing our customers. With over three decades of history producing videos for corporate and organizational clients we take great satisfaction in our delivery of great videos in various fields quickly, effectively and efficiently.

By doing this consistently, our customers have graded us with a perfect satisfaction score for our Silicon Valley/San Jose video production work.

This survey was conducted by an independent auditing agency working from San Francisco State University. They made telephone calls to our customers and asked them if they needed the services of a San Jose videographer in the future, would they call or recommend us. Each and every one said “YES”.

We’ve worked hard to attain this over three decades of cultivating our reputation for great work and and great customer service.

San Jose video production

Over the decades, our San Jose video production company has concentrated on partnering with each and every one of our clients to help achieve their goals with their video productions. Right from the start of the project we establish production goals so that we remain on tract to not only meet, but even exceed our client’s expectations:

  • identify the intended audience
  • determine what the video production should accomplish
  • how the video will work with other aspects of the complete project
  • how it will be put into practice.

Yet in spite of our outstanding record, it is always a treat when clients from “the good old days” hire us or give a referral.

This has happened lots this year and it just happened again in the last week.

One client with whom we did many San Jose video productions thought of us when the need arose at her new company. At her prior company we had spent many hours together to do her videos, and now she has contacted us again in her new job. Her new corporate home is one of the largest networking giants in Silicon Valley. The company’s large San Jose video production department is excellent, but like most in-house departments, not especially nimble. The don’t react to requests quickly, which is understandable.

And since she had a job to do quickly, she knew to give us a call. In doing so, she is becoming a member of an ever-growing fan club — ours!

Of course we’re always delighted for the huge vote of confidence.

We were also jazzed about the chance to renew our personal and working relationship with this customer. We had a history of collaborating for countless hours on projects. so there is a bond there.

We Began in video production when it just a new technology and business. We’ve always been huge fans of developing long- lasting relationships with superior service for these customers. We think that our track record and many customer testimonials have helped us meet this goal.

And as we go forward, we feel secure in the knowledge that our future San Jose video production customers will not only be delighted with the service and the results we provide for them, but will be giving us referrals as well.

 It’s a journey, not a destination.

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