When famous people are the subject, clients call upon us to shoot video in San Jose.

We have lots of experience shooting video in San Jose as well as for places all over the world. But it’s nice to stay home and shoot in San Jose and the surrounding area. We rely on continued referral and repeat business. Shooting video in San Jose is our bread and butter business. And it’s a great treat to shoot someone famous.

One notable personality was BB King, may he rest in peace.

video in San Jose

We’ve shot a number of famous people, but this is one celebrity whom we had a truly nice time working with, We remember him as he has recently passed away, and we do so fondly.

There is a saying in the theater to “remember the little people you meet on the way up” and B.B. King seemed to have learned his lesson well.

B.B. was already famous for decades when we shot his videos in the 1980s, of course. I think that you would be hard pressed to find people who worked with Mr. King to have a negative thing to say about him. He was a class act. He was the type of person who was easy to work with, he had a down to earth character, showing respect to all. And above all he had a big heart.

Interestingly, the video we shot with him was an infomercial about a harmonica home study course.

You can see another shot from this shoot at the Penrose Productions shoot page. B.B. managed to squeeze this shoot in between concerts on the SF Peninsula. We used a prompter and snaked the laveliere microphone around his collar where it couldn’t be seen. Another alternative would have been to place a microphone on a boon out of the shot, as show in this client page from Penrose Productions.


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