Would you absolutely love it if your YouTube video went viral?

Getting your YouTube video to go viral is a often desired (if seldom articulated) goal of those marketing on the internet. But is it an appropriate goal? Not only does it require large portions of skill and luck to get your YouTube video to go viral, but are the millions of views that go with the vague definition of “viral video” even the proper goal to consider? viral YouTube video In this hilarious Scott Adams cartoon, Dilbert has a correct view of how a YouTube video goes viral, while the third (pink) guy at the table is fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. An important panel is the firth one. Dilbert tells his boss that he has no relevant skills for the task. And as we’v often said, quality business videos are the key to the success of the video, and are best left to the pros. That’s what we’ve produced professional San Jose videos for our clients in Northern California and around the world for 33+ years.

However, we do partner with you on your YouTube videos when we go into production, so let us share some ideas how how to get your YouTube video seen by others.

The very first chore is to define the goal and the intended audience for your YouTube video. It does absolutely zero good if you get 5 million views if they come from viewers who couldn’t care less about purchasing your company’s offerings. Defining the audience helps understand what defines “viral” for your particular market. If you are in the business to business space and have a very specialized product or service, you might not even have a few thousand potential customers who you might sell to. In that situation, 1,000 YouTube video views would be a might accomplishment indeed. On WikiHow they have a list of 10 steps for How to Make a Viral Video. The problem with the article is that it does not go into any detail for the ten steps. However, there is a key point in item #4 that is worth noting – you need to have is video that is at least one of the first six, plus the last one:

  • Unique
  • Funny
  • Stupid
  • Dangerous
  • Strange/Weird
  • Gross
  • Worth talking about

We particularly like the last one — the YouTube video has to be worth talking about. At least in the community that is your audience. If the video can also accomplish some of the other characteristics, fine, but we don’t typically produce professional videos that are stupid, dangerous or gross. For some odd reason, those don’t often seem compatible with a professional business YouTube video. If your business is in the consumer marketplace, then the elements of storytelling, excitement, etc. become much more important. Again, the target market must always be kept in mind, but the goal for consumers is to get them to SHARE the video. This is an excellent article on creating consumer viral videos. But again,we come back to the need to have your video produced by a professional. As Dilbert noted above, you have to be trained and experienced and even then it’s a matter of luck many times!

But remember, even if your YouTube video doesn’t go viral, it can still help your business in a variety of ways.


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