guaranteed video production

At last, guaranteed video production work for your business video!

How in the world can a video production/marketing company possibly give GUARANTEED video production work? Isn’t it all custom work?

Excellent question!  Let’s face it, you don’t see that offered by other video production companies, do you?

The way we do it is through COLLABORATION.

Our attitude is that we become your PARTNERS in the video production. We’re completely invested in YOUR success.  Right from the start, we consult with you to see what your goals are for the production: what it should accomplish, how it will integrate with other parts of the project or campaign, and how you will implement it.  We also help define your intended audience so the video gains maximum impact for your budget.

We provide an MBA focus combined with 3+ decades of experience in video to determine what results can be expected.

We bring experience in producing quality award-winning video productions as well as a large and diverse variety of business applications too, ranging from non-profit to high tech and from training and communications to sales and marketing.

The key to the video production is results – that’s the bottom line.

After all, a video company can gather all the video awards in the world (and we have lots of video awards), but it doesn’t do much good if it looks pretty or is entertaining, and accomplishes nothing?  The days when companies could afford the luxury of warm and fuzzy programs have long since passed. A company’s video production dollars are an INVESTMENT, and we want to help you to get a good return on that investment.

During the planning process, we create a timeline with goals and benchmarks. 

We are committed to producing a video to meet your bottom-line goals. Some goals may be easily quantifiable, such as increasing sales revenue, lowered costs through training, etc If the goal is more difficult to measure, we may track other desirable results, such as improved employee perceptions, increased awareness of a concept or program, or additional visitors to a trade show booth, for example.

Our commitment to you: if we don’t provide you with a worthwhile return on investment, YOU DON’T PAY!

Try getting a guaranteed video promise like that from another video production company.

Now since we will depend on you as our partners in generating those results, we can not accept all video production projects.  After assessing your video production needs, we may actually recommend that a video production is not the best way to bring results for your particular need.

But it doesn’t cost you anything at all to see if one of our guaranteed video productions will work for you.

Contact us today at 650-969-8273 to receive a free project of your project.  Together we’ll explore being your partner in the success of your video and your project.